VR Days Amsterdam

VR Days Amsterdam




After last year’s success, Amsterdam became VR Days home again. This year, the event took place in Amsterdam’s iconic Vondelpark Pavilion. The event ran November 3rd-6th with about 60 exhibiting companies and multiple-panel speakers.

From the conference,  we want to highlight some of the top stories of companies successfully pioneering VR experiences, advertising, and video. Meet Capitola VR and Mediamonks.

Capitola VR is an Amsterdam based  VR & AR production agency. They showcased one successful example in advertising: Doritos VR Battle, a game for the HTC VIVE. Capitola was responsible for concept, design & development. The promo video got viral over 1 million views within a week. In Doritos VR Battle, you can Find your way through a dark universe and use weapons to battle the enemy. This highly interactive VR game based on movement and agility skills is a prime example of taking a known brand to a  new era of the consumer experience.

Mediamonks is a global creative production team who turn ideas, strategy, and IP into award-winning campaigns, film, content, products, and platform. They walked thru three of their projects:

Expedia 360º is an incredible video which let the users experience Australia in 360º. From the cliffs of Tasmania down into the ocean’s depths.

Toyota’s “The Impossible Quest” 360º VR experience. The project debuted on ThechCrunch disrupt.

Etihad Airways project is a 360º virtual reality film that follows Nicole Kidman on a flight from New York to Abu Dhabi.

We interviewed Dann Kip, a passionate top supporter, and organizer of VR days. He explained VR Day’s mission. “We are building bridges to inspire: from fine arts to finance, from psychology to porn, theater, tech, game, and politics.” Their goal is to create a multidisciplinary cocktail at VR Days Europe.” They put together different people with diverse backgrounds to share knowledge.

Spotlight is proud to have participated in this event to stay ahead of the pace of innovation.





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