Checkapp Wear

Checkapp Wear

Checkapp Wear

Checkapp Wear is a health monitoring notification system to keep patients informed of their vitals, and It reminds them to take their medication.

How it works

Checkapp´s health profile can store the patient´s medical prescription. Notifications are sent to the patient to take their medicine on time and to track their refills.

Context and Problem Statement:

The project concept is inspired by the challenges of caring for our elderly family members’ health and understanding the importance of efficiently managing their medications.


The project aims to assist users, particularly older adults, manage their illnesses. The goal is to reduce errors in medication adherence, manage their medication, facilitate communication with their healthcare provider, and provide a convenient way to keep track of scheduled doctor’s appointments. Furthermore, to consistently keep family members informed about the patient’s health tracking.



Accessibility Considerations:

This project focused on older individuals or those with illnesses, so priority was given to simplicity and readability. Details such as typography and iconography were analyzed in-depth.