Smart Cities by Pepper

Smart Cities by Pepper

The Pepper bot continues committed to develop communities. The pepper team just announced launching its “Smart Cities” program.

Their founder stated he will:

  • Promote content about cities with high cultural and historical value
  • Show visitors a city guide experience contextual to the sites they are visiting
  • Promote local businesses in proximity to these important landmarks to ignite the local economy

The project will use micro localization (beacons) and partner with Facebook’s Artificial Inteligence as its core technologies.

The pepper team will launch crowdfunding campaigns promoting the preservation and digitalization of these locations.

These community strategies are growing popular and showing a high level of success. Such is the case of the liaison between Indiegogo and Heineken where they are fundraising to develop historical sites.

The Projects

This same team launched Boxito Concierge in 2015. One of the first IOT smart stores in Latin America in 2015 in the construction space.

Their launch was  followed by Lowe’s innovation labs Lowebot. A personal assistant to help customers find relevant information using Artificial Intelligence.

“Smart stores innovated in the shopping experience. Smart cities innovates in exploring hidden gems”. — Armando Russi

Smart Cities is looking to promote places with historical value joining the cause of preservation

This is not Science Fiction anymore. To join the cause:

Checkout their Crowdfunder campaign:

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