Build a Chatbot

Build a Chatbot

Our bot Package includes:
  • 1 API Integration
  • 1 Conversation Design Cycle
  • Conversation Script
  • 1 Messaging Platform
  • Character Design
  • 3 Reviews

We recommend a 6 week design cycle.


Product Description

 Get Your Personal Assistant For Your Business !!

We know what it takes to build great chat bots. We can make one for you. We provide a full AI design cycle to address your users’ needs.

Check out our sample chat bots:

Pepper bot Macy’s Shopping Experience

Character Design Sample

Dialog Flow Sample

Macy´s Use Case

Why an assistant? An assistant can recognize the user based on the customer/social profile and make recommendations of matching products in the store. It can increase item findability and track user behaviors with unobtrusive and relevant messages delivered via text.

A New Shopping Experience

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