Meet Watson

IBM Mountain View CA, March 9th 2017 [embed][/embed] Watson is IBM’s cognitive computer. Watson understands natural language processing and is able to data mine facts and conclusions from over a billion of documents and big data. Rather than force humans to think like a computer, watson talks in human terms How watson learns! Watson answers questions. Watson is able to learn on subjects and automatically update itself once information is published. How he works? Watson searches millions of documents to find thousands of possible answers. It then collects evidence and uses an algorithm to evaluate the quality of the evidence. Can technology think? Watson can.. Watson already uses this common curating approach to answer questions about many topics like cancer, leukemia, drugs development metallurgy and law. It uses sources from all the information produced by humans for other humans to use like literature, articles, news and  posts and blogs and tweets. Watson has high linguistics abilities that have not been seen before. It scores the body of data to learn and provided informed decisions and scale its expertise. Watson already shares expertise from fields as diverse as law, medicine and even cooking Watson  learns, adapts and keeps getting smarter with age just like we do. watson3 Watson API Now that you know about all this, what would you do with Watson?

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