Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

We are eager to help in various product cycle areas.


Product Description

We are eager to help in various product cycle areas, including but not limiting to:

Form Factors & Devices

Launching a product requires understanding your customer segments as well as the context in which they will use your product. Spotlight can help you identify the right platform and coverage required by your product: b Android, iOS, Web, tablet, Windows8 etc. We base our recommendations on target-audience, adoption usage, and contextual scenario for the problem the product are trying to address.

Digital Media

We guide you through the digital ecosystem. We have contributed to developing advertising digital platforms including Google Adwords, DoubleClick, Facebook, Searchforce, 33 and Across and most recently Adara and more.

We offer team training to run digital campaigns, mobile app promoting ads, video campaigns, product listing ads and display ads to name a few.

Market Research

We can conduct:

Competitive Analysis: Compares strengths and weaknesses across competitors

Heuristic Evaluation: Ranks violations of usability principles and best practices and identify areas for improvement

GOMS Analysis: Task analysis model to identify the user goals and roadblocks to complete the users’ task.

Contextual Inquiry: Walks users through a specific workflow and captures feedback on user interactions

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