Google Project Kennedy

Google Project Kennedy

Google Project Kennedy


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Project Kennedy. I joined with Google’s collaborative design committee to draft the new vision of Google’s visual refresh. Added the interpretation of Google’s new redesign to Google Adwords Display.

Project Kennedy was the first company-wide redesign in GOOGLE’s history, affecting all flagship products. Prior to the redesign, GOOGLE’s products were overly cluttered and complex, lacking a consistent visual language. Working closely with GOOGLE, we established a clear vision for their suite of products and established the design and direction of all product logos and system iconography.

Google Ads

Google’s ads ecosystems include business web tools for publishers and advertisers whose content is served on the various Google properties.

Target Audiences: Advertisers, web publishers, and professional ad agencies.

Impacted Interfaces:

  • AdSense: A service for web publishers in the Google Network where they can serve, images interactive media adverts that are targeted to the site’s visitors.
  • Google Adwords: The leading digital advertising platform and infrastructure for ads on the web. 
  • Google Search: The search engine for web content that leads the industry from its page rank algorithm. 
  • Double click: The primary tracker of activity on the web

Notable achievements: Provided a full UI refresh to the Google  Adwords “Display Ads” Feature functionality matching Google’s founder’s UX vision: “Project Kennedy”.

Examples Before

Examples After