Facebook Messenger

In 2023, I joined the Messenger team to contribute to the launch of 50+ new features and make tons of improvements to make this its fastest version of Messenger yet.

As part of the User Experience team, I was responsible for:

  • Creating research study plans and roadmaps
  • Selecting strategic research methods such as In-depth Interviews, rolling studies, and longitudinal research
  • Participant recruitment, data collection, and extracting learnings and insights
  • Moderating tasks for usability tests
  • Deep dives about early concepts and sketches.
  • Workflows used in testing
  • Captured quotes from usability tests, and user interviews

Next are some of the highlights the Messenger team delivevered during that time.

Chat with your community

  • New channel types: Unlock new ways to engage your community with event integrations, broadcast chats, and audio-first channels.
  • Member-suggested chats: Members can now suggest community chats for admins to approve, making it easier to get the conversation going without losing control.
  • Direct invites: Bring the right people into chats and communities with direct invites and helpful preset categories.
  • Inbox shortcuts: Never miss an update from your favorite community chats by adding shortcuts from your main inbox.
  • Admod integrations: Streamline management workflows and collaborate with your team in a dedicated channel for admins and moderators.
  • Community creation: Start your community directly from the Messenger app to connect with members in real-time over chat and audio.

Securely chat with end-to-end encryption

  • Encrypted messaging on Messenger: We’ve been rolling out end-to-end encryption for 1:1 and group messages as well as voice and video calls, giving you more control over how private you want your calls and chats to be.
  • Key comparison: Compare encryption keys with recipients to ensure your conversations stay secure between your two devices.
  • Disappearing messages: We are gradually introducing Disappearing Messages, where you can set a timer to have everyone’s messages disappear at a time you choose after they’ve been seen.
  • Secure storage: Protect and restore your encrypted message history on a new device so you’re always in sync.
  • Security alerts: Receive an alert when there is a new login on your account in the conversation.
  • Optional encryption on Instagram: Start end-to-end encrypted chats on Instagram so you can have even more secure chats.

Stay safe while messaging

  • Inform treatments: Know if the content is sensitive, disturbing, or contains misinformation before viewing when you see verified labels on content shared from Facebook.
  • Hidden words updates: Filter out spam and scams in your inbox with new hidden word terms.
  • Admin assist: Get help moderating your community chats with automated message removal.

Express yourself

  • Theme stickers: Personalize your thread by using custom stickers based on your theme.
  • Avatar hot like: Quickly reply with your avatar, so you can express yourself with more than an emoji.
  • New themes: Continue to make your chat feel like home with new custom themes like Christmas, Non-Binary, and Taylor Swift.

Let us work for you

  • Bump a message: Don’t worry about annoying your friend to respond. Bump the message, and we’ll remind them to reply
  • Pinned messages: Keep important messages in mind so they never get buried in a thread.
  • Shortcuts: Supercharge your messaging efficiency with shortcuts like /silent and /everyone.

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