IMSE Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

IMSE Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

IMSE Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

IMSE supports OG (Orton-Gillingham) ‘s sequential, multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy. Their program breaks reading and writing into smaller skills and builds on them.

I have supported the UX design of complex business interfaces, showcasing: dashboards, complex data structures, and their navigation on the web, as follows. 


Key Deliverables: 

  1. Design wireframes, research reports, and recommendations based on industry best practices.
  2. UI dynamic prototypes articulate workflows and explain the behavior of interactive components more accurately than static mockups or wireframes. 
  3. Engineering specs that include guides for reusable components, and red lining articulating UI layouts,  margins, and typography.
  4. Iterative reviews of designs at all stages of the product cycle.
  5. UX research and benchmarking reports.

Target audiences: Teachers, administrators, parents, and education staff

Impacted  interfaces:

  1. Taxonomy and Navigation of subscriptions and products catalog. The product catalog is multi-tier for the various administrators, and teachers who register, get certified, and qualify for multiple stages of their certification path.
  2. Improvements to their commerce experience to visualize the various different checkout steps to complete different types of orders and quotes with various requirements as established by their user’s roles (gift cards, promo codes, district order addresses, and various shipping options).
  3. Improvements to various dashboards that report success metrics across the various certification programs.
  4. Admin functions that include the assignment, enrollment, and life cycle of the education staff, teachers, and administrators.

Notable achievements: Adoption and acceptance of the certification program across the board.

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