Meta & Ray-Ban Smart Glasses


What is Meta?

The Facebook Metaverse, now part of Meta Platforms, is a visionary concept of a collective virtual space beyond the traditional internet. It envisions a 3D digital universe where people can interact, socialize, work, and play in immersive environments using technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Meta is dedicated to building this interconnected digital space, allowing users to seamlessly move between virtual and physical experiences.

Project Overview

Develop groundbreaking smart glasses seamlessly integrated with the Metaverse, capable of performing many functions comparable to a smartphone and featuring an advanced AI assistant.

UX Deliverables

Designed UX research studies for Meta’s augmented reality(AR) user experiences(UX) for the new Metaverse virtual reality products currently being developed by the augmented messaging team. The visual UX explored concepts to later be displayed on Ray Ban glasses


  • Research methodology recommendations based on testing concept stage and hypotheses
  • Participant recruitment conducted jointly with DS (Data Science) team and screener surveys 
  • In-depth Interviews for qualitative research analysis exploring AR concepts that can add value to users’ day-to-day needs
  • Qualitative analysis of data collected by identifying high priority themes, and feedback ubiquity
  • Top-line report of findings and prioritization of their actionable insights

First Versions Ray-Ban stories and Ray-Ban Meta


Camera, Livestream, open ear audio, phone calls, Meta AI, voice commands, and touch controls.

Meta AI

Meta AI: A new feature to spark your creativity and bring you the info you need in the moment, right from your glasses. Looking for a recommendation or a translation? Ask the voice-activated Meta AI and get an answer immediately.

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