Naehas Fin Services

Naehas is top-rated among financial services companies that support the banking industry in productivity, marketing operations, compliance, and reducing operational risks. Their platforms support the creation of marketing campaigns banks use for their various segments and offerings.

I have supported their product initiatives with UX research and design. I have helped their engineering teams tackle daily challenges presented by the complex business services required by the banking industry and the law.

Target Audiences: Finance specialists, Controllers, Marketing corporate staff, Engineers 

Impacted interfaces:

  1. Main navigation overhaul for the hierarchical structure of complex business objects specific to the FIN business data model: e.g. projects, campaigns, campaign rules, compliance categories, price structures, etc.
  2. A UI visual refresh and creation of standard components that users can easily recognize due to consistency. Their visual UI refresh that started in 2014 has continued adopting modern design trends and languages that make clean interfaces and clear information visualization of their dashboards.
  3. Artificial Intelligence for “business rules compliance” approvals is managed by a human approval team and supported by an AI approver entity.

Notable achievements: 1) Complete UI refresh 2)  Launch of state-of-the-art AI compliance technology(first of its class).


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