Spotify Inspired Events

Spotify Inspired Events

Spotify Inspired Events

by Out, Inc

What it is!

Among the latest innovations in music and event ticketing. Spotlight Studio brings “Spotify Inspired Events.” The Pepper bot is a chatbot whose latest skill in 2019 is:

“to learn from its users listening activity and playlists from Spotify and then recommends events which are in near proximity to the user’s location.” – Armando Russi – UX Principal

What it does!

It sends Facebook messenger alerts on concerts in your proximity based on your music listening activity on Spotify, such as Artists you follow and Playlists history.

Design Form Factors: Mobile Web, Responsive Web, Facebook Messenger

Design Tools: Sketch and Figma UI


Our Ticketing Inventory

The ticket exchange with 7,000 events, 20,000 Performers, and 14,000 Venues  is an integration of various partners, including:

Stay tuned for more updates on this and other projects the Spotlight Studio has in the oven.

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