1 Million Hackathon – Tripeze

Tripeze creators believe vacations should always be fun, no matter how meticulous of a planner you are. Tripeze is a free mobile-enabled trip planning and budget tracking service for individual travelers and small groups. With Tripeze, you can spend your travel budget wisely and receive personalized suggestions on interesting places to visit and offers and promotions from nearby merchants. Unlike traditional marketers, we will only present the offers most relevant to you.

Monetization Plan

One of the unique features of Tripeze, compared to applications with similar features is the ability to target consumers with highly personal local offers. Tripeze is also a lead-gen platform connects local businesses with travelers visiting nearby places. Tripeze will only present only with most relevant offer, to avoid bombarding users with too many offers. We monetize the platform by letting local businesses to directly target offers and promotions to travelers.

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