Introducing Pepper Bot

Introducing Pepper Bot

Spotlight just announced their new crowdfunding campaign for Pepper chat-bot.

Pepper’s mission is to help mom and pop restaurants get wifi connected and get a digital presence to be discovered by relevant customers.

Rather than losing time searching, Pepper will notify you about nearby places, coupons and events in real time via chat. Nearby friends will also be notified to join in.  

How  Pepper Learns!

Pepper uses the user location, time of day, consumer habits and preferences to update itself and make the most relevant real-time suggestions.

How It Works

Pepper searches hundreds of nearby places and compares them real time to set up an outing with nearby friends.


Pepper will set up a welcome message offering free wifi showing contextual coupons or specials at the time of arrival.

Pepper will track user traffic at restaurants using a tracking device.

Pepper will help create smart and targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics and visit behavior.

The Pre-Launch

The pre-launch will kick off a College Ambassador Program. This will be promoted at a pilot set of Universities where Pepper will organize seasonal events and increase adoption. The pilot will also include 6 restaurants in the bay area associated with the founder’s teams very own O’neils Irish bar and partnering vendors.

180 restaurants across 6 cities will be connected.  Our partner team includes Zenreach, Groupon, yelp, Foursquare, Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, facebook, and google among others.



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