Live Sharks Tank Episode 41

Live Sharks Tank Episode 41


Spotlight Studio had the opportunity to pitch at Live Shark Tank this past November. The event opened doors to Silicon Valley Startups ecosystem. Investors, founders, entrepreneurs and consumers joined in this showcase of technology and innovation.

In episode 41, “Spotlight AR” project got selected to participate.

This project brings augmented reality experiences to theme parks and entertainment venues. The game presents virtual reality elements such as coupons, characters from Universal Studios, video content, and interactive mini-games. Together these elements create an amazing augmented reality experience at the theme park.



These are some of the benefits highlighted in the pitch:

  • Experiencing augmented reality with their favorite characters in a way never seen before at the theme park.
  • Taking the best photos and videos with your favorites characters.
  • No more annoying waiting time in line. Now guests can play and interact with content related to the show they are about to get in.
  • Finding contextual concession offers and discovering guides to the park attractions.
  • Profiting from smart advertising and saving with coupons and offers.
  • Enjoying special VR effects during live shows.


Spotlight AR won second place in the competition. Participating as a speaker on Live Shark Tank was an incredible experience. This community is amazing.


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