Wearables in Fitness Review

Wearables in Fitness Review

Late September startups gathered to share new apps and technologies geared towards making your life a little healthier. At the event we found developers and founders behind some of SF’s hottest new wellness apps and get hands on experience with these cool, new products!

It was very interesting because we could also meet the people behind the scene and had the opportunity to try the newest wearables for health and fitness they produce.

The event also brought various headhunters and contracting agencies scouting talent for these emerging technologies.

We found two types of products: 1. Monitoring apps, 2. Fitness planning & community apps.


Fitbit. Their core believe is that the best way of been healthier and active is to plan your goals, also they monitor your activity level, sleep, eat and weight.

Fitt allows its users to create challenges for their friends to keep them on the road of fitness.

Fitt’s highlights are:

– Challenges friends using different devices and apps

– Provides support and helps build a fitness community

– Completes challenges for Fitt points to earn rewards

Keas improves employees health based in challenges that are fun, almost kind of game.

Misfit is focused on developing great wearable products that monitor your fitness and sleep. Their team doesn’t just care about functionality but also in product design. They are creating things that people would want to wear.

Runtastic. Their hardware tracks distance, speed, pace, duration, heart rate, calorie consumption and route traveled when running, biking or engaging in other exercise activities.

Spire. They developed the first wearable to monitor movement and state of mind. By measuring breathing patterns.

Lumosity. A Company focused on a personalized training program to develop your brain. They produce a leading brain training program and neuroscience research.


Fitmob Offers workouts with trainers in your neighborhood that could be indoors and outdoors and the best part is: the more you workout the less you pay. Includes weapons for ass reduction, Battle of the bands and rock the chakra to name a few.

FYNS  offers a specialized fitness platform. From tennis to boxing with trainers near to you to train you anytime anywhere.

SweatGuru offers information of places and workouts near you but also if you are a trainer you can grow your business and your brand for free or bring your business online and connect with new clients.

Vint connects you with athletes near you so it will be easier to get better workouts through personal training sessions. You will find your instructor and schedule sessions instantly.


Take a look at these new apps and wearables. This seems only to be the beginning of a wave of technologies that will bring health and fitness to a new era.